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Sequencing Grade Modified Trypsin

Catalog Number:SRT0201
Storage temperature: 2-8℃
Source: Sequencing grade modified trypsin is a genetically engineered methylation modified protein expressed in E.coli 
Protein Sequence:The amino acid sequence of sequencing grade modified trypsin is identical to porcine pancreas-derived trypsin
YaxinBio sequencing grade trypsin is a genetically engineered protein expressed in E.coli and the amino acid sequence of recombinant trypsin is identical to porcine pancreas-derived trypsin. Recombinant trypsin is free of any other proteases activities, and TPCK is unnecessary and not contained. Unmodified trypsin is subject to auto-proteolysis, generating fragments that can interfere with protein sequencing or HPLC/MS peptides analysis. YaxinBio’s sequencing grade modified trypsin is recombinant  trypsin modified by reductive methylation, rendering it resistant to proteolytic digestion.

Source Recombinant E. coli
Appearance White or off white, or yellowish powder
Specific activity ≥4500 USP units/mg pro.
SDS-PAGE Single major band
Molecular Weight(SDS-PAGE) 24。0±2。4 kDa
Purity(HPLC) ≥95%
It is recommended to dissolve or dilute with 50 mM HAc or 1 mM HCl. When used, dilute in 50 mM NH4HCO3 or ph7.0-8.0 buffer solution. 1 mM CaCl2 is recommended In the digestion buffer. The ratio to aimed protein is 1:50 to 1:1000 (w/w).The optimum pH is pH7.0-8.0.
Stability of storage: Sequencing grade trypsin lyophilized should be stored under 2-8℃ in sealed container. It is stable within 24 months.After dissolved with 1mM HCl or 50mM HAC, it should be stored under -20℃. It is no activity loss after 5 times repeated freezing and thawing.
Stability of transport: The product is stable by blue ice insulation transport.
Sequence grade recombinant protein: high specificity,good stability.
Animal origin free: sequencing grade modified trypsin is no exogenous virus contamination,and any animal origin material is not used in the production process.
Stable quality: Mass production can ensure stable and continuous batch production.It is no difference between the batch and the product quality is stable.
High purity: Higher specific activity.Host protein residues is less than the limits of biological products.
Lyophilized powder: The product is lyophilized powder and is easy to store and transport.
Compliance with regulatory requirements: Production equipment and production environment comply with relevant regulatory requirements, and the production process is in full compliance with NSF ISO 9001: 2015 quality system and GMP guidelines.
Complete quality documents: we can provide relevant regular support files in according to customers’ requirement.
The amino acid sequence of sequencing grade recombinant trypsin is identical to porcine pancreas-derived trypsin,with equivalent properties compared to native trypsin, and there are many advantages, such as no enzyme activity, high stability, non-self-cutting, high activity.When used, it is no non-specific fragments and self-cutting fragments.Sequencing grade recombinant trypsin can replace native trypsin for using in a variety of biotechnological processes,such as specific protein digestion, protein sequencing, peptide mapping, proteomics studies, Z-D peptides on the peptidase digestion.
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