PKR Successful (M) Sdn Bhd was set up in November 2004 and it is known as PKR Successful Services. PKR provides training to assist participants in developing skills and knowledge, multitask and achieve their potential.

We are an organization which provides training and consultancy services wide and across a variety of business sectors in today's ever changing market place. Training and Consultancy are synergistic and the integration of these two skills provides a platform for success in today's intricate business environment. Our trainers have excellent experience from various sectors such as manufacturing, retail, finance and education, each bringing their own expertise to share with our clients.

The development of trends and impact of changes vary year to year across the forefront of industries. However, one universal fact remains -- the growth of competition. Positive values of any competition do inspire possibilities. The first significant phase in empowering possibilities is people -- whether they are Government, Corporate or Individuals. We believe that people are the fundamental factor in contributing and building success in any organization. Equipping the workforce with the right skills inevitably leads to the generation of smoother and more productive business operations for any organization; hence, empowering the individual in a workforce to realize infinite possibilities for contribution to the workplace.

With a wide range of services, we are dedicated to empowering our clients by equipping them with the essential skills and helping them to build on their technology capabilities. In the process, we also help the individual to develop their self-confidence and expand their prospects of achieving their best professional path.

Our Mission

We contribute to the success of our customers by delivering quality products, services, and solutions that support personal and professional growth through learning.

Our Vision

Is to bring about mental literary and thinking methods to all type of professional. By harnessing their untapped potential and abilities, each individual can then produce the best in what he or she pursues for the enhancement of self, family, organization and nation.